Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Reflecting on teaching experiences, core principles that I value and enact in the classroom, and how those practices have remained constant over time...

When considering my familiarity with the great variety of technologies students now have available to them, I suppose it's only best practice to be honest and say I unfortunately have very little. Even as someone who has grown up with computers as a part of my education, and have learned about technology as a form of learning throughout my higher education, the idea of incorporating digital media into my classroom is still so new and makes me slightly uncomfortable.  As a part of a generation that is labeled as always "connected" to our phones, computers, and social networking sites as a way of continual communication with others, I feel as though I think of my classroom as outside of that realm when I probably shouldn't.  I fully understand there should be a reasonable disconnect from social media when school is in session, but there is now a very important purpose to using technology in the classroom and using it to aid students in their learning.  As projectors and hands-on activities were used as teaching tools that benefited most students compared to the typical black board and textbook readings, digital audios and wikis are now "signs of the time" that will greatly help students of all learning styles. be continued.


  1. Danielle, you are off to a great start here. I know you were rushed for time with this entry but what you have shared indicates you do know how to using writing as a place for thinking and discovery. Keep this voice and stance in your future entries and I am sure you are going to find yourself making significant connections and constructing new knowledge over the semester.

    On another note, I love the background for your blog. Quite unusual!

  2. P.S. My only suggestion is that you choose a different template format so that your blog posts will have more room on the page and your readers will not need to scroll so often as they read your longer entries.